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  • Direct Support Professionalism (about 2-3 hours, 5 lessons, complete in 30 days)
    • Becoming a Direct Support Professional
    • Contemporary Best Practices
    • Applying Ethics in Everyday Work
    • Practicing Confidentiality
    • Working with Your Strengths and Interests

Call In Procedure Reminder 
As outlined in the Employee Handbook, it is mandatory for employees to inform all relevant supervisors of any circumstances that may result in alterations to their scheduled shifts. In the event of needing to call in, employees must ensure that they communicate directly with each supervisor overseeing the shifts they will be unable to attend. For comprehensive details regarding this procedure, please refer to page 26 of the Employee Handbook.

  • All employees are expected to be punctual and show up and be ready for work as scheduled.  In addition, regular attendance is considered an essential function and is necessary for the efficient operation of the business.  “Ready for work” means that they are available to work their assignment without multitasking or other distractions such as personal phone calls or conversations, eating breakfast, making coffee, smoking etc.
  • Employees who are going to be absent or late must contact their Program Director (for the shifts in which they will be absent, which may be under the direction of more than one Director) as soon as possible when they realize they will be absent.  Initial notification must occur prior to the start of their shift by contacting their Program Director directly or leaving a message.  It is the employee’s responsibility to still contact their Program Director to discuss the absence during the Program Director’s regular hours or within one hour of the start of their shift if only a message was left. 
  • For shifts where the employee is expected to work alone with a participant, the employee must contact their Program Director(s) directly and if unable to reach them to use the chain of command until a member of management is reached and as a last resort inform the participant or the worksite directly if unable to arrange coverage.
  • Leaving messages with other employees, texting or emailing regarding tardies or missing a scheduled shift is not acceptable.  Absences will be considered unexcused unless acknowledged by the employee’s Program Director or Human Resources.  Once acknowledged by the Program Director, the absence will still be considered an unscheduled absence and may be subject to further disciplinary action. 

Note, the Employee Handbook and other training links may be found here:

Chain of Command & Communication
Reporting through proper channels isn’t tattling—it’s crucial for growth and addressing real issues. It strengthens transparency, trust, and improvement in the workplace.

Quarterly Theme: Embracing Creativity
This quarter, let’s dive into the heart of creativity to enrich our services. Understanding each individual’s preferences is key to unlocking innovative and engaging ways to connect with our community. By tailoring our approaches to match their likes and dislikes, we can create more meaningful, enjoyable, and inclusive experiences for everyone. Let’s collaborate and get creative in how we support, inspire, and empower our community members to thrive.

Employee Spotlight: Welcome Back, Tiffany Saderup
We’re delighted to spotlight Tiffany Sadrup this February! Tiffany’s return to ACS has been a cause for celebration. Known for her readiness and self-driven attitude, she excels in every task and is cherished by our individuals and colleagues alike. Her dedication and hard work truly stand out. Tiffany, thank you for your commitment and for making a significant impact in our community. Welcome back!

Employees of the Month

  • Tooele: Tina Young – Tina is a great employee and team player. 
  • Draper: Madison Gordon– Very helpful, self starter, team player, goes above and beyond.
  • Salt Lake: Tiffany Saderup – She completes tasks timely and respectfully. She takes the initiative to complete tasks and pays attention to small details.
  • Employment: Juanita DeGregoria– Super helpful to staff and supportive.
  • Support Living: Killian Seaman: ON THE DOT! clocking -in/out consistently to scheduled time preventing Therap errors and corrections!
  • Management: Nicole Bor– is always willing to listen and problem solve, super understanding. 
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